St. Sebastians Forane church
Balaramapuram, Neyyatinkara Dioceses
Trivandrum Latin Arch Dioceses
Ph: 0471 – 2400442

Church History

An Anglo Indian named Christian joseph lived behind the current St Sebastian church Balaramapuram. He is the constructor and maintainer of the World famous “Mathen Mani” situated at East fort of Trivandrum which was the capital city of kingdom of Travancore. People called him “Mani mesthiri” with respect. The king of Travancore grant him 12 types of agricultural lands including “pallithope,paruthi thope, plavettu thope, kacheri thope, pukayila thope, kaapithopu, maglao thopu” , each of them with 12 acres impressed with his Skills and Contributions towards kingdom.

When a Christian fisherman died in that area, as requested mani mesthiri granted some space for his burial at the place near to the current church. The catholic Mani meshthiri helped the Christian fishermen in their struggles against poverty. The Christian Fishermen started to accumulate money and bought “Pallithopu” (Now known as R C Street) from Mr. Joseph in the name of their caste. Catholic believers starts to live their including 5 major families. The catholic women fish sellers usually offer candles to god in a rock which was situated in the place of current Flag post of church before and after their work. Later believers made a Cross on that place and started worshipping God. As the number of the catholic increases they made a Church in the name of “Assumption Mary, Queen of Heaven”. Every families work hard at the time of construction of church. There was even an unwritten rule exists then as if any family couldn’t participated the day’s work shall remit a penalty of 4 Chakras at that day. After a period of time, widespread of Plague diseases occurred over Balaramapuram and results in poverty and Black deaths. As same as happened in all over the world, to get relief from the plague the believers started to pray through St. Sebastian, who is one of the former fourteen helpers of Catholics. The believers made procession with the St. Sebastian’s statue to areas affected by the diseases. As a result of their prayers, the blessings of God poured to the land and the diseases were eradicated from this land. The statue of St. Sebastian made of Wood is still keeping in the church altar. Later on the church got famous in the name of the St. Sebastian. The earlier church was situated on the place where currently flag post of current church standing. Later on the church came into different stages of evolutions and expansions and it comes to the current form.

At December 14th 1975 the St. Sebastian shrine is blessed and opened for parish.

The first church of Balaramapuram is said to be constructed at 1851. Earlier it was under the Cochin Diocese and later in changed into Trivandrum Dioceses and now it’s the part of Neyyatinkara Diocese. This parish was served by priests of major monasteries including Jesuits, Carmelite and priests from local diocese. Parish and the peoples still thankfully remember the contributions of Fr. Norbert of Belgium Carmelite and Jesuit Priest Rev.Fr. James Thottakath SJ (15 years).

The Administration of Balaramapuram church was done by the senior catholic believers of parish. Slowly the Church bought around 18 acres of land and Opened to parish people to make houses. The Catechism and divine awareness is done by the guests from Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) Sister of Lourdpuram convent. A FMM convent officially blessed and started at Balaramapuram parish on 1979 August 9th. A lower Primary school over an experience of 100 years is successfully maintained under parish along with St. Sebastian community hall which is blessed on 2004 January 14th by His Grace Rev. Dr. Vincent Samuel STD.

Some of the pious Association working on the Balaramapuram Parish for the welfare of the people includes BCC units, Catechism, sodality, Legion of Mary, Vincent d Paul society, NIDDS, AICUF, KCYM, Jesus Youth etc. Under 21 BCC Family units, there are around 750 catholic Families residing at the Balaramapuram parish from which the administrators are chosen according to the Norms of Dioceses. The financial details of Balaramapuram Parish are submitted for approval to Dioceses by the Administrative committee along with the share of Dioceses.

Balaramapuram Parish is honoured as the home land of many priests and sisters.