St. Sebastians Forane church
Balaramapuram, Neyyatinkara Dioceses
Trivandrum Latin Arch Dioceses
Ph: 0471 – 2400442

Church History

St. Sebastian Forona Church is situated in heart of Balaramapuram, the land of Handlooms. The holy belonging of St. Alphonsa is preserved in the church and believers can view with peaceful prayers on afternoons. The Church Feast lasts for 10 days including the St. Sebastian Day January 20th is celebrated traditionally year after year. Without the barriers of caste creed or religion the peoples all over India flows to this Mission church during these days. Church Feast is a remembrance of the blessings through st Sebastian on Balaramapuram , which eradicates the black days of plague other deadly diseases which trashed this land into poverty and black deaths years back...

St. Sebastian

The martyr from Italy was born in Gaul, went to Rome, and joined (c. 283) the army of the emperor Carinus, later becoming a captain under Diocletian. When it was discovered that he was a Christian who had converted many soldiers, Sebastian was ordered to be killed by arrows. The archers left him for dead, but a Christian widow nursed him back to health. He then presented himself before Diocletian, who condemned him to death by beating. His body, thrown into a sewer, was found by another pious woman, who dreamed that Sebastian told her to bury his remains near the catacombs. His relics are believed to be in the Basilica of San Sebastiano on the Appian Way, to which many pilgrims were attracted in the middle Ages. Sebastian's martyrdom was a Renaissance favourite subject of artists, and it was depicted by, among others, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Sandro Botticelli, Andrea Mantegna, Perugino, and El Greco; the saint is usually shown as a handsome youth pierced by arrows...



For Donations and charities please contact Secretory church Committee Balaramapuram Forane.
Phone No: 2400442

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Latest Updates

Jan 20.   -installation of HOLY RELIC of
             1. St. Sebastian
             2. St. Vincent de Paul
             3. St. Ignatius Loyola

Jan 16 -25 - St. Sebastian church feast- 2015

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march  5th               Ash Wednesday April       17th          Maundy Thursday April      18th             Good Friday April      20th          Easter

His Holiness Pope Francis

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His Holiness Pope Francis is the 266th successor of Saint Peter. His Holiness showed his Supreme authority as Teacher by thy deeds...

Blessing of Shrine

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The Inaugural speech of "St. Sebastian Shrine " is done by His Grace Dr. Rev Vincent Samuel STD. The Construction was done within 110 days under the supervision of Church Secretory Adv. Vincent De Paul...

Parish Priest

image 1 Rev.Fr.Joy Mathiyas

Rev. Fr Joy Mathyas from Manivila parish , (Neyyatinkara dioceses ) is the current parish priest of the church. Rev. Fr served 8 years at vellarada Kurishumala - church and pilgrim center , after the ordination in 2015- may.


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